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Long term  & Short term Fully Insured Secure Self Storage solutions serving Christchurch and the surrounding area.

With well-ventilated and secured containerised storage, we can keep your belongings in perfect condition until you need them. With no limit on time, you can keep your things with us for just as long as you need.

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Sometimes storage is needed for longer. If you have items that won’t fit in your home, but which you will need at some point in the future, then long term storage is just the key. With our containerised facility, we’ll be able to store as many of your belongings as you need, for as long as you need them stored. Ask about our 6 and 12 month Special Discounts.


Moving house? De-cluttering? Having work done to your property? There are a whole host of reasons why you might need some or all of your possessions stored for a short while. Whatever the cause, you can always be sure of Christchurch Self-Store Limited being able to offer you a temporary home for as many of your belongings as you need.


Our warehouse operates using containerised storage. There are three sizes available, allowing you to store just about anything you might wish to store. Simply choose the unit that suits your needs best. That way there’s no need to worry about paying for storage space that you don’t need, while keeping flexible enough for you to upgrade to a bigger size or add another unit, should you ever need to.

Click the buttons to download our simple and helpful guides, hints and tips to estimate how much storage space you may need.

Half Height Unit (120 Cu Ft)

(H) 4' X (D) 3.5' X (W) 5' (external)
To include Liability up to a Maximum of £1,250

Price Per Month: £61.61 inc. of VAT

Half Depth Unit (125 Cu Ft)

(H) 8' X (D) 3.5' X (W) 5' (external)
To include Liability up to a Maximum of £1,250

Price Per Month: £69.47 inc. of VAT

Standard Unit (250 Cu Ft)

(H) 8' X (D) 7' X (W) 5' (external)
To include Liability up to a Maximum of £2,500

Price Per Month: £103.81 inc. of VAT


Just because you’re not storing a lot of items doesn’t mean that you should have to pay for a “one-size-fits-nobody” container. If you’re only storing a few things, then we will pick out the perfect small container for you. No fuss, no mess, no wasted space. This way, you’ll never need to worry about storing enough to be cost efficient.


To prevent the difficulty of accessing your items, we focus on using portable wooden containers up to 7′ x 5′. With three sizes available; 7′ x 5′, 5′ x 3’6″ and a half height 7′ x 5′ standing 4′ high, you can have your container moved right next to your vehicle to allow easy loading and unloading. With every effort made for your convenience, you’ll find that storage doesn’t need to be difficult.


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    When it comes to your belongings, security is key. To ensure total safety, we keep everything under lock and key. In addition to this, your individual container is locked separately, and kept under the watchful surveillance of our full alarm and 24 hour CCTV systems. With storage only accessible through our loading bay, we watch, record and log everything that enters or leaves the facility.